Fujitsu Hada Memori Monitors Your Skin Like Advanced Beautician

Thursday, December 6th 2012. | Beauty

It seems that Japanese IT giant, Fujitsu, is extremely eager to develop and launch both products and systems meant to help with the monitoring of particular medical condition. The company has been reported to launch the Hada Memori, a system capable of observing how your skin’s health goes overtime. Using Fujitsu’s own cloud network, the system offers lots of considerably advanced features that you’ll likely come to love.

fujitsu hada memori

Just in case you’re curious, Hada Memori spells Skin Memory in English. It keeps a record of your particular skin issues such as acne, blemish, etc. The system will monitor how these issues develop over time by requiring you to regularly take a picture of it and automatically upload it on its cloud system. You’ll be provided with a special card sporting 15 millimeter hole that you have to stick on the part of the skin that you want to keep tabs on.

Fujitsu Hada Memori: Monitors Your Skin Like Advanced Beautician

It says that once an image is captured, an analysis will be carried out. Still we fail to get a comprehensive detail about that. Anyhow, users are allowed to access the uploaded images anytime. Surprisingly, there is also a feature that allows users to quickly share their images to several social networking platforms. Who wants to upload a picture touting his or her skin problems? In addition, users can also set up a schedule when they want their images to be sent to professionals to get better advice.

Previously, Fujitsu also announced the Wandant Dog Pedometer that can keep a good track of your dog’s health. While it’s not meant for us, human, at least we can see the overflowing interest of the company over health issues. Besides, Fujitsu is also believed to shortly unveil some following products intended to assess your stress level, quality of sleep, and many more.

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