Fujitsu Invisible Keyboard Makes You Look like a Mad Computer Engineer

Tuesday, March 5th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Down at Fujitsu stand in Mobile World Congress 2013, on one of its corner, there was a neat Japanese man who seemed to be trying to type a sentence on his Windows 8 tablet. Strangely, there wasn’t any keyboard or anything that looked like it caught in sight. He was literally typing on a clear space on his desk. Was he mad? Apparently, he wasn’t. He was demoing a new Fujitsu’s prototype that one day may turn out as an invisible keyboard.

Fujitsu Invisible Keyboard

This keyboard literally has no physical components. It appears as premature software whose function is supported by the front-facing camera of the tablet. So, instead of you watching the keyboard, the keyboard watches over you. Looking at how convenient and easy it is for the Japanese dude to type, I thought it was simple to use it but I was wrong. The learning curve you have to pass through is quite stiff. The software works by reading your fingers gesture to determine which key you actually want to push. That said, you’ve got to memorize which fingers to push which keys.

Fujitsu Keyboard

Good thing is that the software has the capability to recognize users’ skin complexion. It will refuse to function if it detects that one’s skin complexion is different to that of the default user. No one will ever borrow your tablet anymore. According to Fujitsu, they plan to include this software on its future Windows 8 tablet, of course, after its developers finish refining it. My take: while it looks totally neat, I guess this is just another fancy solution for a problem that is not actually a big deal. You?

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