Fujitsu Wandant Dog Pedometer Offers the Sweet Advantage of Cloud Network

Saturday, December 1st 2012. | Medical, Pets

Fujitsu recently announced the Wandant Dog Pedometer which features lots of mobile integration that allows you to monitor your dog with ease. If you wonder about the wandant stuff, it’s actually just the way Fujitsu play with phrase “dog’s pendant.” According to the company, this product is the world’s first dog pedometer that runs in full automation.

Fujitsu Wandant dog pedometer

In order to measure how many steps your pooch has made, Fujitsu Wandant dog pedometer utilizes three-axis accelerometer. The same feature is also helpful to assess if your canine best friend has enough workout in one day. Additionally, some special case like shivering or significant drop in body temperature is also reported.

Wandant dog pedometer by fujitsu

Now for the best feature, all the acquired data can be accessed via PC or your Android handset. Fujitsu Wandant dog pedometer is an NFC-enabled device that can connect to your smartphone wirelessly. Even better, this whole chunk of information will be uploaded to your cloud storage. So, you can always check how your dog is doing overtime wherever you are.

You can customize the report by adding some more aspects to monitor such as your dog’s weight, ordure, food volume, etc. According to Fujitsu, they will release a feature update in the future that enables its Wandant dog pedometer to send the data right to your veterinarian and research institution for better monitoring.

Sadly, it’s still exclusively available in Japan and the company didn’t tell anything about it being a global product. Pricing detail is still missing as well but a month subscription of their cloud storage is said to charge you about $5 per month. Will you go for it once it launch in international market?

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