Futon Mouse Pad Blankets Your Hand from Chilling Air of Winter

Saturday, November 10th 2012. | Computer & Accessories

For those who live in the northern part of the earth, you must have realized that winter with all its cold blizzard will strike soon. If you’ve been worried about its chilling air demoting your performance dealing with computerized office works, probably you need to get Futon mouse pad for yourself. Developed by Japanese gadget artists Thanko, this mouse pad is uniquely designed to provide users with warmer so that they can still work even when cold air is biting.

Futon Mouse Pad

The overall concept is inspired by the Japanese futon. It sports a cushioning material that is thick and soft enough for your wrist to rest comfortably. According to the company, its stuff is capable of keeping the temperature behind the blanket up to 50 degrees centigrade. For us who live in tropical hemisphere, that is way too hot but for those who have experienced the freezing atmosphere of winter they must find it comfortable.

While Futon mouse pad is not something that is capable of significantly boosting your performance with your desktop, we appreciate Thanko’s good intention for not letting your hand shiver in irregular motion. Besides, when you look at it, it’s much more practical than you covering your hand with multiple layers of fabric remnants.

Now if you’ve been having difficulty deciding what gifts you want to present your relatives this Christmas, Futon mouse pad might be the think you’re looking for. Still, you’d better wipe off that idea if most of your relatives are hardcore gamers. This thing will only lower their click rate and make them vulnerable in the cyber war.

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