GameStick Is the Smallest Game Console Powered by Android

Monday, January 7th 2013. | Toys & Games

With the launch of OUYA, Android is slowly but surely penetrating into the game console market where it’s currently the unobstructed realm of the big three: Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. Entailing right behind OUYA is GameStick, a portable game console featuring all the goodies of open environment of Android. It doesn’t necessarily outperform OUYA but in terms of size, GameStick might suit for the title of the most compact console today.

Gamestick: Portable TV games Console

On a glance, it looks pretty similar with any USB flash drive; only that it works with HDMI port, instead of USB. The controller is also compact enough to fit in to pockets of any sizes. It has a built in compartment in which you can snuggle the console for even more portability. GameStick has been aggressively attracting lots of eyes at Kickstarter, you can watch its video below!

According to the team, GameStick has included 200 game titles some of which are among the most popular in Google Play. As if that was not enough, the team also states that currently, they’re on a bargain with more than 250 Android game developers, including the Tegra 3 monster, Madfinger. All the discounts offered for early bird backers have run out, thus, you have to preorder it for the cost of its planned retail price.

Gamestick Prototype

The idea of being able to play games on any big screens featuring an HDMI port is totally exciting, indeed. We doubt, however, if a huge migration from either Xbox or PlayStation to these portable Android consoles will take place. Well, at least not in the near future, what do you guys reckon?

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