Gatefeeder Lets Your Cats Have Private Dining

Friday, December 21st 2012. | Pets

As soon as you realize that it’s a lot of fun to keep a cute cat under your roof, you’ll certainly be tempted to have more of it. But with more cats always comes more trouble. For starter, you’ve got to spend more time to take care of them. On top of that, one of your cat might be more superior than the others that it swaggers them away and take their food, leaving them painfully starving while you don’t notice. This is where Gatefeeder comes in to offer a solution.


Featuring locking mechanism that runs on autopilot, it’ll make sure that the right cat will eat only the right food; no more food snatching by the big cat. In a nut shell, the system works by detecting an RFID chip which is disguised as a nice tag you can use to make a charming necklace for your cat.

Gatefeeder: Controlled Feeding System

As your cat is approaching its right Gatefeeder, the system will sense the said chip. It will automatically unlock the gate, allowing your cat to access its food. The gate won’t open if the system does not detect the corresponding chip. Check out the video below!

In terms of design, it doesn’t look very catchy with regular rectangular shape. However, you’ll appreciate that the material used is capable of sealing unpleasant odor from your cat’s food or anything it leaves behind the gate. The price for gatefeeder starts at $249 which is quite staggering. If you’re looking for one that allows you to have more control from remote area, check out Pintofeed.

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