GE Café French Door Refrigerator Sports a Sleek Hot Water Dispenser

Tuesday, April 23rd 2013. | Around The Home

Fridge and hot water, both might seem contradictory to each other but that doesn’t make GE care much about it. Recently, the said company released its latest GE Café French door refrigerator that is integrated with a hot water dispenser. If this ends up as a success, I can see in the future, people are reaching its fridge to get a hot tea, instead of a nice cold orange juice.

GE cafe refrigerator

GE Café French door refrigerator is loaded with four preset settings that can heat 10 ounces water in just a few minutes: warm (90 F), cocoa (150 F), tea (170 F), and soup (185 F). In addition, users are also allowed to define their own temperature settings which range from 90-185 F. “Why wouldn’t you use stove or microwave”, well, according to Rob Lewis – chief engineer of GE – those appliances won’t give you anything but imprecise temperature.

GE Café French door refrigerator

While that’s a very lame reasoning from such a leading figure in a superior company like GE, research does show that many people have big tendency to drink hot beverage. Sure, you can snatch a standalone hot water dispenser but if your living space is kind of small, having appliances that are multi-functional is always a good idea.

Aside from hot water dispenser, there are other things you can enjoy if you decide to have it under your roof. For starter, you get the Pharmaceutical Filter. GE claims that it is the most advanced water filtration tough I doubt if it can turns red cola crystal clear like OKO Bottle. Other features include Temperature-Controlled Drawer, Odor Filter, TwinChill Evaporators, and Convenient Storage. Expect it to retail soon at $2,999.

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