Get a Spraytect and Burglars Will Stay Away from You

Wednesday, November 7th 2012. | Mobile Phones

Attention, gals! We’ve got a cool thing that you may find helpful for your safety. This thing is called Spraytect and it is actually an iPhone case which has an integrated pepper spray canister. This is useful if you want to teach some lesson to those pesky burglars who have bad intention for you.

Spraytect : Pepper Spray iPhone Case

The inspiration behind the making of Spraytect comes from the protective nature of a daddy over his daughter who is none other than the CEO, Scott McPherson. He wants to make sure that his daughter always has a protective device that she will never forget to carry along. So, the best way out is to attach a pepper spray canister on her smartphone by disguising it into a case. What a caring daddy!

Spraytect iPhone Case

Now, in terms of feature, well, there is nothing we really can talk about Spraytect except it’s capability to spray pepper powder to bad guys. Heck, we even doubt that this thing can even protect your iPhone from scratches and mild impacts. The woman in the promo video (watch below!) does say something about it being a kickstand to best place your smartphone so that you can have a good angle when watching movies on it. But, personally we think it’s silly.

Still, it all depends on you. Besides, you cannot expect everything from a piece of an iPhone (except the iExpander, of course). Available in four color variants, you can get Spraytect for $39.95. The package includes the pepper spray cartridge as well as the non-pepper counterpart, helpful for testing. Any takers, gals?

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