Get into the Fully Loaded Bentley Mulsanne Executive Interior!

Thursday, November 15th 2012. | Transportation

Showcased at Frankfurt Motor Show not too long ago, the brand new Bentley Mulsanne easily stole everyone’s attention, thanks to its exclusive interior. Boasting no less than six functional displays inside, the interior is expected to perfectly fit the needs of business executives who can’t waste a time just for commuting. Taking luxurious car compartments to the next level, it’s still got a lot more to talk about other than that rather excessive number of screens.

Bentley Mulsanne Executive Interior

The list below is a short overview of what you can expect to find once you get into the Bentley Mulsanne Executive Interior,

  • Main TV measuring 15.6-inch hidden at the ceiling,
  • Two smaller TVs fit into the front seat headrest,
  • Two iPadsalong with wireless keyboards set into the custom-made drawer mounted at the back of the front seats,
  • iPod touch on the armrest, acting as remote control of the whole entertainment system,
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, telephone inside the armrest, satnav featuring voice recognition, vanity mirrors, and a lot more (watch video below!).

Bentley said that with this car there is no chance for business executives to wind up having lower rate of productivity though we believe what will happen is the reversed version. Seriously, what kind of people that needs a whole lot of screens to work? Even an in-house most luxurious office on this planet will not likely feature such overwhelmingly fancy interior, though we can expect there are lots of sleek technologies involved.

By the way, Bentley is yet to announce the price tag of its luxurious Mulsanne. However, there is a growing talk that it will eventually offer for about $325,000. If you can picture a figure of wealthy dude that is likely to fetch a unit of this car, make sure you sound off below.

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