Gifty: Camera Concept That Allows You to Print Flipbook without Fuss

Tuesday, May 28th 2013. | Camera & Accessories

Animated flipbook may not be as popular as 3D printing but it doesn’t change the fact that this thing has been existing for over a hundred years now. While it doesn’t really offer any value of usability, it still serves as a nice ice breaker for sme occasions like your nephew’s birthday party, family picnic, and sort of. If you look to create your own flipbook but don’t want to deal with all the fuss, you probably want to cross your finger, hoping that Gifty will make it to fruition.

Gifty concept camera produces instant flipbooks

Gifty, in a nutshell, is a camera concept that’s built-in with a printer capable of printing every frame of any short videos you record with it. Designed by a student named Jiho Jang, the camera appears to be not larger than any point-and-shoot digital cameras. Through its optical viewfinder, you’re going to capture the footage. The shutter is controlled by a timer that can be set via the turn knob and the maximum length of the video is settled at 5s.

GIFTY Camera Prints Animated GIFs

To start printing, all you need is to push a print button on the camera and a long extend of still images will come out of it. From there, all what’s left is cutting the images and bundle it. The video below should give you more insight regarding its function.

Quite neat, eh? But you have to know that it’s probably going to take long before it’s produced for masses and there is even the possibility of it not launching at all. Besides, there’s no confirmation that the unit you see on the video is a working prototype. You guys have words on this? Sound off below!

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