Goodyear Air Maintenance Technology : Keep The Tires Sufficiently Inflated

Monday, August 29th 2011. | Transportation

You need to keep the tires sufficiently inflated, both with regard to the tires themselves, and to be able to increase the performance and gas mileage of the vehicle. The issue is that for a lot of us, we simply want to check our tire pressure when venturing out on the lengthy journey – if even so. With Goodyear’s Air Maintenance Technology (AMT), however, that should not matter. The system, that is presently in development, would instantly keep tires capped as much as the correct pressure.

Goodyear Air Maintenance Technology

All the electronic and mechanical components could be contained inside the tires themselves, running from energy produced through the tires’ moving motion. AMT would monitor each tire’s air pressure, and employ a miniature pump to draw air when needed. Goodyear has not mentioned if the system may also expel air, to maintain hot tires from becoming overinflated.

Additionally, there are not sure on when AMT may be in a commercial sense available, although the company stated that studies have been faster because of two grants or loans – now, the United States Department of Energy’s Office of Vehicle Technology granted Goodyear US$1.5 million to build up AMT for commercial truck tires, as the government of Luxembourg provided a grant for development of consumer tires, recently.

While there has been self-inflating tire (SIT) systems before, many of these haven’t been fully contained inside the tire, not to mention powered because of it. One exception is CODA DEVELOPMENT’s SIT system, that utilizes a built-in peristaltic pump to continuously keep tires from getting soft.

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