Google Talking Shoe Gets Mad If You’re Lazy

Wednesday, March 13th 2013. | Fashion & Styles

Google doesn’t always invest in hardware development but when it does, the results always turn many eyes on it. As you knew, Google Project Glass was the first wearable computer pioneering other typical devices such as HC1 Headset Computer. Recently, the giant unveiled the first shoe that has its own personality and can literally talk to you.

Google Talking Shoe

The said Google Talking Shoe was making its first official appearance right at the center of the crowds attending South by Southwest 2013 in Austin, Texas. Its development was in cooperation with Adidas, 72andSunny, and also YesYesNo. On its tongue is installed a medium speaker from which a human voice comes out either to praise you or bawl you out, depending on what you’re doing. With the right setting, it can even post a status update on your Google+ profile. Check out the promotional video below!

Supporting such functionality is a bunch of motion sensing sensors equipped on what looks like an arduino board micro controller. They can tell the shoe whether you’re being active or sitting on a corner like lazy dudes without a life. It has to connect to the app on your smartphone first, though, and that’s where the Bluetooth comes in. According to Google, its talking shoe can rant up to 250 different verbal expressions, making it the noisiest shoe on the planet.

Though the company might rake in some profits for its weird footwear, Google doesn’t have any plan to make it a commercial product. Speaking at the SXSW 2013, Google only tells that its talking shoe is only used to show the world how far technology can be integrated to human lives. Now if you think it’s not enough to tickle your mind, check out Reebok ATV shoes or the Korean air-conditioned shoes.

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