GO!Scan 3D Is a Handheld Device for Scanning on-the-go

Monday, April 29th 2013. | Technology

In line with 3D printers, 3D scanners grow rapidly into a favorable gizmo. Sadly, most existing 3D scanners are meant as a desktop unit that you can’t bring anywhere you go. Not to say that it only works for small objects. Understanding such limitations, Creaform’s come up with a portable solution called GO!Scan 3D that users can grab easily for a quick scanning on-the-go.

GO!Scan 3D with innovation sd scanner futuristic device

On a glance, you might confuse it with an electric drill but you’ll realize that it’s a wrong guess by noticing the absence of the cord. Featuring a set of cameras along with white LEDs at the front, the operation of GO!Scan 3D is pretty much like those compact point-and-shoot cameras. You simply have to hold the trigger and move it steadily to cover the whole object you’re scanning. The video below shows you a quick demo of the device.

As the trigger is being pulled, a pattern of light will be shot out by the white LEDs surrounding the cameras, giving you with a number of scanned images. Depending on how big the objects you scan, you can have two to three images or even quite a few of them. Moreover, these images do not really represent the 3D elements of the object. Instead, it’s more like coded patterns in QR codes.

Done with the scanning, the accompanying software will then dissect these images to recreate the 3D elements of the object. According to the company, the accuracy is said to reach 0.1mm. Unfortunately, unless you’re a deep-pocketed dude who doesn’t mind shelling out $25,000 for a device you use occasionally, you will never get a hands-on with GO!Scan 3D. No need to be desperate, though, because Moedls seems to be a pretty decent alternative.

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