GoStacked iPhone Case Gives You More Juice with Swappable “Cards”

Saturday, April 13th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Smartphones and power efficiency will never get along like good friends. The more powerful the processor under the hood, the faster the battery will be depleted and that’s annoying. There are lots of aftermarket accessories to solve that particular problem; from a protective case with built-in battery to a diminutive battery cell for emergency situation such as Fuel. GoStacked fits the first measure as it appears as a case for iPhone made of a hard plastic shell. What puts it on different platform from other battery cases, however, is its swappable operation.

GoStacked: Hybrid Smart Case System for iPhone

Unlike many battery cases for iPhone, the battery in GoStacked is not integrated with the case. As a matter of fact, it is designed as a discrete device card that can be attached and detached with ease. Needless to say, such a design will also enable users to swap one card with another. Now this is where things become a little interesting. The developer says that each device card features different functionality, meaning it can be used as something other than a battery case, depending on which card is attached to it. Check out its pitch Kickstarter video below!

Currently, there are only two cards: GoBattery and GoSollar. The former will give you extra juice for immediate use while the latter enables you to charge your device while you’re out on a sunny day. The developers at StackedLabs have a plan to make additional device cards but probably it will not be featured on Kickstarter. By the way, it also comes with an app that allows you to define a condition to charge the battery without you knowing, so it’s pretty slick actually. For the case and the aforementioned cards, the developers ask you a pledge of $85.

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