Grand Wizard Smartphone Makes You a DJ on the Go

Friday, April 5th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Before you can be an infamous DJ with lots of fanatics calling on your name on the dance floor, you need to do a lot of practice. This can be costly, unless you have a wealthy uncle who doesn’t mind buying you an extensive set of DJ table. But that will change once this Grand Wizard smartphone hits the street. Designed by Yu Hiraoka, the portable DJ smartphone allows you to make a party anywhere you go.

Grand Wizard smartphone

On a glance, Grand Wizard smartphone looks like a really weird handset. It consists of three sections each of which has its own display. The turntable is hidden and can be revealed easily by sliding it out. A click wheel is mounted on each side of the mini board while on its center lies a touch panel. This touch panel acts as an equalizer. Again, you will need to spend quite some time to get a hold of it.

The screens on both right hand side and left hand side will list all of the tunes you want to remix. Slide the click wheel to the left and you’ll be able to experiment with the media displayed on the left screen. The same applies to the right click wheel. There is a front-facing camera atop the display on the middle but I’m not really sure what it’s for.

As it stands now, Grand Wizard smartphone is just a prototype and Hiraoka does not mention when it’ll be made commercially available. It’s pretty slick but I think Re: Sound Bottle does a better job at mixing tunes.

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