GravityLight Uses Gravity to Power Up – No Electricity Needed

Thursday, December 13th 2012. | Miscellaneous

As far as we remember, very few investors and gizmo designers are socially interested to solve problems which are common in developing countries or ones that suffer from long lasting conflict. Well, not all of them fit this stereotype. We’ve informed you about Massoud Hassani and his Mine Kafon which aims to exterminate thousands of landmines in Iraq. And today, the team behind the development of GravityLight is passionate to put an end to the darkness that blankets major parts of Africa for good.


Realizing that they can’t really count on fuel or battery to generate electricity, the team finally decides to make use of gravity force to light up the lamp. So, literally, it imposes no running cost at all. You have to put a little effort, though, that is by filling up the complementary bag with either sand or rock or anything that is worth 20-pound in total. You have to lift it and hang it on the strap that comes out of the GravityLight.

GravityLight uses weight to illuminate without batteries or fuel

GravityLight: Gravity Powered LED Lamp

Obviously, it’s not of great significance for you who live in the comfort of great electricity but for those who live in Africa, it may help light up the hope that seems to fade with time. The video below shows how the team is eager to invite you in this social mission.

By the way, the electricity that is generated can not only be used for the lamp but also other small utilities such as radio. There are a couple of terminals that can be connected to external device to share the electricity. If bed time has come, users can set the GravityLight to dim. The team is looking for $55,000 support to manufacture and distribute approximately 1000 unitsto Africa and India. Submit your pledge not at their respective page at Indiegogo.

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