Grillbot Roams Your Grill as an Autonomous Cleaning Agent

Wednesday, February 20th 2013. | Miscellaneous, Robot

Who doesn’t love BBQ party? You can have a friendly chat with the entire family members all day long while also enjoying greasy grilled meat. If there is one thing that can keep you away from holding on such a party, it must be the work after. Cleaning a grill stained with thick layer of grease and grime can be very frustrating. You’re going to need a help from our droid buddy called the Grillbot.

Grillbot Barbecue Robot

The idea for developing the said robot sparked on the mind of Ethan Woods (the inventor) when he learned that cleaning grill using wire brush moved by a power drill is a lot quicker. Indeed, Grillbot features three electric motors each of which is responsible to turn the mini wire brush on. There is only one button on this bot, so it should be easy enough for everyone to operate. Even a cute little girl on the video below can do it.

Building Grillbot is not as easy as using it. Woods had to jump from one engineering company to another before he found the right firm to make his dream come true. Most of these companies refuse Woods’ request because it’s kind of impossible to make a robot that can walk on an uneven and piping hot surface of a grill.


The first prototype was invented in California but due to enormous expense, Woods had to hand over the manufacturing to a China-based engineering firm. Let’s hope it’s not going to turn out like many cheap Chinese toys. Anyway, in case you’re curious about its full features, Grillbot sports three electric motors along with three interchangeable brushes, small LCD, built-in CPU, battery, and a charger. Expect it to hit the street in June for $99.95.

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