Grub Hub Is a Portable Kitchen for Your Next Camping Trip

Wednesday, January 30th 2013. | Outdoors

Going out for some camping trip sure is nice but no one thinks that getting all the gears ready is a fun experience. Unless you’re a pretty good packer, you’ll likely end up with unsightly and bothering mess. Not to say that you’ll risk of losing some stuff too for disorganized packing. If you’re looking for a handy solution, Grub Hub might look appealing for you.

Grubhub USA

Even though it’s originally intended to be a camp box, Grub Hub appears less bulky and awkward, thanks to its semi-soft design. While it still utilizes aluminum as a frame, its body is still composed of foldable fabric with tons of integrated organizers. It does offer a mini table made of hard plastic but overall, it’s still far more portable than any camp boxes, especially when you look at the all-terrain wheels on its base.

Grubhub Portable Kitchen

Main features include dual-burner camp stoves which are placed on the most top of the bag, a mini kitchen sink on one side and a cooking table on the other. At the back, it offers a dining table so you don’t have to hold your plate. But that’s of course if you can stand the thought of eating next to a set of camp stoves. There is also a telescopic cane which you can use to hang a lantern in case you feel the stars aren’t bright enough.

Grubhub Portable Kitchen for Your Next Camping Trip

Pricing starts at $379 which is not very affordable, we suppose, especially when you know it doesn’t include all the accompanying utensils and tools; the stoves, for example. Anyway, if you’re pretty much of a creative DIYer, you probably can build similar camp box like Grub Hub. But don’t expect it to be easy, so good luck with it.

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