Gummy iPhone Case – Chew, Chew, and Chew Till You’re Satisfied

Monday, November 26th 2012. | Mobile Phones

If you do not like the taste of the rice crackers of Survival Senbei iPhone Case, you might want to consider the brand new Gummy iPhone Case. Just like the first, this iPhone case is totally edible, so you can have it as a quick and emergency snack when you’re stuck on some occasion without any foods on the table.

Gummy iPhone Case

While Survival Senbei is exclusively made in Japan, Gummy iPhone Case comes from the neighboring country, Korea. It comes in eight different color variants and of course, tastes but don’t expect them to suit your American food custom. The orange case tastes like spicy Korean salad called Kimchi; the beautiful purple might look sweet but its taste represents fish lip; and the yellow one might get you a goose bump for it tastes like bitter flower. Now this is why we think Asian is weird.

Edible Gummy iPhone Case

Nevertheless, since it is not made of the fragile rice crackers, the case does provide your iPhone a protection to some extent against harmful drops and vibrations. You can eat them bit by bit or just swallow them in once, in case you’re extremely starving that you do not mind anymore about them being not very tasty.

Currently, Gummy iPhone Case is offered for $12.99, so you have to shell out more than 100 bucks if you want to collect all of the color and taste variants. But don’t worry, though; it should arrive in one piece, unlike the Survival Senbei which will be sent to you as a messy rice crackers flakes.

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