Gunfire Tracker for Android Is Being Brewed by ISIS

Thursday, May 2nd 2013. | Mobile Phones, Softwares

Have you ever been involved in some seriously intense gunfire? Well, you’re lucky to still live on this day and read this post because most people who have don’t survive to tell the tale. Anyway, when you’re trapped in such a situation, you will want to quickly figure out where the shot comes from so you know the best place to hide. But unless you have a god-like visual capability, you won’t be able to locate the shooters until this Gunfire Tracker for Android is introduced.

Tracking gunfire with a smartphone

Developed by a number of computer scientist from Vanderbilt University’s Institute of Software Integrated Systems (ISIS), Gunfire Tracker for Android can tell the users the precise location of the shooters. The system itself comprises of an add-on and a special app and was firstly shown to public at a conference in Philadelphia.

It’s going to be quite geeky from this point onward, so brace yourself! As a gun spits out a hot bullet to the target, it makes at least two unique sonic signatures. The first footprint is the sound that spreads from the muzzle as a bullet is going out of it. The second one is the shockwave left on the thin air as a result of the bullet accelerating in supersonic velocities. Thus, theoretically everyone can pinpoint the shooter’s location if they’re equipped with a device featuring a set of highly sensitive microphones and a custom-made microprocessor.

The system is actually nothing new as six years ago it was implemented on soldiers’ combat helmet. Today’s attempt is more like an update since the team wants to port the system into a user-friendly smartphone. Thus, you shouldn’t be too surprised if someday you see an elite soldier holding his smartphone in addition to a heavy machine gun.

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