Gurapika Flashlight Detects Earthquake Like Advanced Seismograph

Monday, February 11th 2013. | Miscellaneous

As one of the few “special” countries that lie on the most active line of volcanoes, it’s normal for citizen of Japan to be extra cautious of earthquake. The last time an earthquake stroke this country, it created a massive tsunami that even crushed a nuclear reactor. They were lucky they didn’t end up like Chernobyl. Anyway, to show you how cautious Japanese people when it comes to earthquake, a startup named Force Media has successfully designed a flashlight which also has the functionality of a seismograph, the Gurapika.

Gurapika LED Flashlight by Force Media

Under the hood is a radio that can receive a signal from the Japanese Earthquake Warning Alarm System. So before the sound of the alarm reaches you, this Gurapika flashlight will turn on, giving you an early bird caution. In case you’re asleep, the device also has an integrated speaker from which audio alarm is produced. And when the electricity is shut down, you can use it as a temporary light. Check out the video below!

Charging can be done by tethering it to a wall outlet and according to the company one charge should be good for 14 hours. However, if electricity is simply absent, you can still resort to its cranking mechanism which is capable of generating low electricity.

Gurapika LED Flashlight Earthquake Warning Alarm System

It can also be used to recharge your iPhone. If you have a plan to move to Japan, there is nothing wrong with snatching one unit for your safety. Right now, Gurapika flashlight can be purchased in Amazon Japan for 4,609 yen or approximately equal to $50.

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