HAPIfork Tracks Your Eating Habit, Helps with Your Diet

Wednesday, January 9th 2013. | Food & Beverage, Medical

You’re dead wrong if you think you can only find some heavily wired contraptions, sleek gizmo, and advanced peripheral at CES 2013. If you dig into it a little bit more, you can run into an eating utensil like we just did. Developed by a Hong Kong-based company named Hapilabs, HAPIfork comes up with arguably remarkable food intake tracking capability. If you always fail in your weight loss diet, this thing might lend you some hand.

HAPIfork by hapilabs

Its tracking skill covers almost every aspect of your eating habit even one that you don’t really need. These are like how long it takes you to finish the meal off, how many times you feed that mouth of yours per minute, as well as the interval between those feedings. If the built-in sensors notice that you’re eating too fast, it will start flashing. After each meal, HAPIfork will upload the data it’s acquired to your online profile. You can check it anytime you want to know how your diet progresses. If you’re not happy with it, try to run the accompanying smartphone app to get a feedback from its coaching program.

HAPIfork : Stop you from eating too fast

HAPIfork isn’t initially made for lay people actually. The company manufactures it to help those with special medical conditions who need careful attention to their eating habit. Now that it’s been up for mass consumption, you can join in taking the advantage of slower and mindful eating. Mind you, eating too fast may lead to a number of disturbing complications, from something as simple as weight gain up to annoying gastric reflux. You can preorder it for $99 from the company’s respective website. So, what you say? Guess it’s at least more useful than the Eatheremine musical fork.

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