HealthSpot Station Is an Emergency Room Fitted to 10-foot Box

Sunday, January 13th 2013. | Medical

With the promotion of Affordable Care Act, it is predicted that in the future, hospitals’ emergency room will be overcrowded by patients, including those who barely suffer from a mild ailment. Not only will it obstruct the medical personnel to work efficiently, but patients needing urgent care can be held untreated, threatening their lives. Attempting to offer a solution, HealthSpot makes a medical station designated for those who visit the emergency room due to minor complication.

healthspot station

HealthSpot Station measures 10 feet large with relaxing blue lighting inside. Before going in, patients will have to through a check-in process assisted by a certified medical staff. As they step in, they’ll be greeted by a doctor via the main LCD. In such a cramped space, you don’t expect the doctor to be physically present, do you?

There is also a scale along with other medical equipment neatly placed on the built-in shelves on either side of the station. The doctor will walk you over how to use each of this equipment. The measurement data regarding your vital signs are sent to the doctor’s workplace in real time. From there, the doctor will give you an e-prescription that is expected to ease your ailment.

Right now, HealthSpot Station is being tested in Ohio urgent care as well as children’s hospital. The company wishes that in the future such medical stations will not only be placed in hospitals but also other public places like Walgreens. The retail price of a complete unit of HealthSpot Station is priced $15,000 and there is also a subscription which costs $950 per month. As for the patients, they’ll be charged around $60-80 per visit.

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