Hearbo Robot Takes Voice Recognition to a New Level

Thursday, November 22nd 2012. | Robot

Tools, software, or robots coming with voice recognition capability are not something we should get too surprised these days. However, it’s always nice to see an improvement, especially when it is significant. Recently, Honda’s researchers introduced Hearbo which stands for Hearing Robot and it takes voice recognition to a completely new level as far as we can tell.

honda hearbo robot

While most typical technology that has been previously brought up to surface can only register, recognize, and then execute any voice command, Hearbo can identify the emotion carried by particular voice feature. So, you can actually make it as a best friend or your personal psychology as it’s able to understand your sadness, anger, desperate, or anything. Check out how Hearbo interacts actively with someone on the video below!

On top of that, there are other things that that separate it from advanced voice recognition software such as Siri by Apple and Google Now. Those two applications use what so called beamforming technology. In order for them to function, you must first record your voice and specify a particular action for the recorded commands. Once done, the moment you say one of those commands, they will attempt to understand it by reducing the noise. That’s why you always have to say your command closely to the microphone.

Hearbo, on the other hand, works on the basis of HARK technology. It does not try to reduce any noise. Instead, it takes all voice input within particular range and tries to locate the one that comes from you and respond to it correctly. Best of all, it all happens in real time. So you do not need to wait for Hearbo to register, analyze, and execute your voice command because it will do it right away. How do you like it as your toy?

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