Helios Bars Are Designed for Smart Cyclists Wanting to Have Smart Bike

Monday, May 27th 2013. | Sports

Aside from being a controller for bicycles, handle bars are just a plain hollow steel tube which has little function. Sure, some accessories might require a mounting on the bar but other than that, it doesn’t really have any value on its own. That’s why Kenny Gibbs – a California-based inventor – steps up to squeeze in a whole lot of stuff – from a headlight up to tracking system – on a smart handle bar he prefers to call Helios Bar.

Helios Bars: Transform any bike into a smart bike

Right on the middle of the bar is a Cree LED headlight. While it looks small, it’s capable of to produce light intensity of 500-lumen that should be bright enough at night. On each of its lower ends is a smaller LED that functions as tail lights. Each of these LEDs has its own switch that riders can activate when they’re about to turn. According to Gibbs, these turn signals remain visible to motorists behind the riders, no matter how big the riders’ body is. Check out its Kickstarter’s pitch video below!

Coming with Helios Bars is an iOS app that allows for more controls over the features on the bar such as activating the visual speedometer, proximity sensor, and navigation feature. In case your bike is stolen, the integrated GPS module will allow the bar to send a text message to your handset, telling you its whereabouts. One thing that becomes my concern is that it requires a plug-in every seven hours. I suppose it’d be better if it’s equipped with a solar charger. Anyway, Gibbs won’t mind sending a unit to your door step if you agree to help him manufacture it with a pledge of $150.

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