Hiccup Sticks Bring You Instant Relief and Lets You Have No More Embarrassment

Tuesday, November 13th 2012. | Medical

One of the most misleading assumptions that most people including us still do is drinking lots of water to stop hiccup. Seriously, we inherit such a thought from our parent and it’s hard to neglect it even if we do know that it, most of the times, does not lead us to a relief. The hiccup is still persistent and we’re left with more embarrassment.

Hiccup Stick

Speaking of stopping hiccup, Hicural releases a product called Hiccup Sticks which are claimed to provide immediate relief for the users. You can check the advertising video below. It almost looks like they’re doing magic or faking the hiccup but looking at the company’s explanation on how its stuff works, maybe this thing can really deliver what it promises.

According to the company, people are hiccupping when their diaphragm experience a spasm. You might not notice it but you actually inhale faster while this happens. Such sudden increase in your inhaling speed causes you vocal chords to shut immediately which result in the typical “hic” sounds.

Now anyone attempting to stop hiccupping must should find a way how to put an end to the spasm. Unfortunately, drinking lots of water or take up a spoonful of sugar cannot do that but Hiccup Sticks can, according to the maker of course. It says that the mentioned spasm can be eliminated if you bite something while drinking at the same time which is what you’re going to do with Hiccup Sticks.

Now before we start sounding like Hicurial marketing staff, we’re going to leave you here and try it for yourself. After all, it’s an easy 7 bucks. Good luck!

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