High-Tech Santa Sleigh Redefines Santa’s Ride

Wednesday, December 26th 2012. | Transportation

In the future, you may not see Santa Claus pictured with an old woody sleigh pulled by some fairy reindeers scattering fairy dust along the way. Instead, you will probably see him ride an aerodynamic sleigh featuring top-notch engine that may make him even more popular among college girls, as opposed to kids. How is that possible, you ask? Well, meet the high-tech Santa sleigh engineered and constructed by GE scientists.

High-Tech Santa Sleigh by GE

There are quite considerable numbers of improvements made to the old Santa’s vehicle. For starter, it features an engine instead of living reindeers. Next, the air traffic control technology will make it even more nimble as it rives through the chilling winter wind. Furthermore, similar to hybrid cars, it has an Electric Traction Motor that makes it capable to shut off the engine when left idle.

Most of the parts are 3D-printed, which is the reason of its aerodynamics. In order to make it glide smoothly on the snowy ground, thus saving more energy, the whole surface of the sleigh is covered with nanotech Icephobic coating. On its core, the material is not something you can get so easily. It’s a specially built stuff called Ceramic Matrix Composites. This thing will not accumulate a harmful heat on its body even when it accelerates on the speed of light, though we doubt if the old Santa will be fine for that.

Additionally, it has an internet connection. So when Santa starts to get bored, he can browse for college with truckloads of beautiful girls to stop by and showing off his new ride. Alright, that’s a bit too much but the thing is the high-tech Santa sleigh is just too awesome to keep on a garage.

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