HiLo Lens for iPhone and iPad – See the Unseen! (Video)

Tuesday, November 13th 2012. | Mobile Phones

While major OEMs always compete to improve the quality of their smartphone camera, none of them is actually trying to port the ergonomics of a swivel-able camcorder to their handsets. Thankfully, there are quite a bunch of creative innovators out there who can fill this gap and make everyone happy. One of them is Mark Hampton. Based on New Zealand, Mark is none other than the leading figure in the development of HiLo Lens for iOS devices. His stuff is now live at Kickstarter for the price of $60. Once the promo ends, he aims to sell it for $80.

Hilo Lens

Now if you still have no idea what HiLo Lens is all about, it’s actually a pretty sleek and helpful accessory if you enjoy taking photographs and making videos using your iPhone. It helps you capture images from various angles that may be difficult to get if you only rely on the built-in lens of your iPhone. To understand what we mean here, just head on to the video below this article. Mark has actually released three demo videos but they all look very unprofessional. So, we decided to embed the promo video instead.

Inside the tiny lens is a prism which helps bend the image reflection, so you do not need to position yourself difficultly just to get either low-angle shot or high-angle shot. A polymer pad helps it strongly stick to your iPhone camera. Sure, it is easy for it to attract dust but luckily it can be washed and cleaned as many as you want without reducing its stickiness.

Hilo Lens for iPhone and iPad

The HiLo Lens comes with a free app for you to download. It’s just like common camera app with very little customization but it does help you a bit at setting the right orientation. Are you going to fetch one of these for yourself?

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