Hirobo’s One-Man Helicopter – Fly With Caution!

Thursday, November 22nd 2012. | Transportation

A Japanese company, Hirobo, recently unveiled its newest invention which takes form as helicopter. Of course, it’s not the same helicopter you always see in action movies. The reason why it makes it to our homepage is because it’s controlled with only one man and uses electric battery, instead of aviation fuel. Naturally, while it’s awesome, we have the right to question its safety. Who wants to fly with a minimalist aerial vehicle that looks like an exoskeleton powered with a battery?

Hirobo one man Electric Helicopter

Nevertheless, Hirobo itself seems pretty confident with its one-man helicopter. Though it’s still under the development, the company claims that its prototype can fly stably and run up to 100km/hour. The battery loaded on to it is believed to be capable of keeping it on the air for about 30 minutes. We’re not sure about it as we have never gotten our hands on it but if those claims are true then, it is probably pretty worthy.

The benefit using battery-powered engine is it does not produce pollution and you can fly without waking up your neighbor. That makes it kind of suitable to be spies’ vehicle. Who knows, maybe next year it’ll be featured on James Bond’s movie where it’s engaged in an epic rescue mission.

So how much will it set your back once it’s up for sale? According to the company, the Hirobo’s one-man helicopter will be offered for 30 million yen which equals $375,000. It’s even more expensive than the Quadski amphibious ATV, not to say more dangerous as well. So, what you say on this?

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