Hold The Camera No More, Leave it to The Capture Camera Clip

Tuesday, September 27th 2011. | Gadgets

For you the moment hunter, mobility and flexibility is a precious, you want to stay active and moving fast, but surely you need your camera to sudden grab when you need the shoot to the good object. when we are concerning the style, even the rain is give us an idea to keep stylish. for you camera user, style and function is nothing contender. usually we carry the camera on our hand, but it way is way far from the practical aspect, the other option is use the strap to assist us, but some people feel stiff on their neck on shoulder, especially if we must bring the camera in long duration.

 Capture Camera Clip System

Capture Camera Clip System

Here it comes the innovation, the capture camera clip system is offering the idea to clip our camera to a bag strap or our belt. the capture camera clip is made from high quality yet lighweight alumunium claimed to handle up to 100 lbs of pressure. with this concept, of course the capture camera clip is way more practical than keep the camera inside our bag. we can imagine it like having a gun holder in our waist, and ready to be grabbed anytime it is needed. to put it back on the clip? we’ll be only need less seconds to put the camera safe on the clip. the capture camera clip is now available with this specification :

  • Keeps your camera safe and your hands free
  • Securely attaches to any strap or belt.
  • Quick release takes less than a second to free camera
  • Holds SLR/DSLR + any size lens
  • High quality die-cast aluminum
  • Light, weighs less than an CellPhone!
  • Tripod compatibility
  • Locking mechanism can handle over 100lbs of force

Get the capture camera clip now, for $79,99 and we are ready to catch every moments along our adventure.

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