Holy Cow! Motorcycle with an Airplane Engine Is All Real

Saturday, May 18th 2013. | Transportation

I thought an airplane engine-powered motorcycle only exists in Torque – one of few movies with awesome poster yet turns out to be a sucker head. But man I was wrong. A heavyweight bike builder based on Germany named Frank Ohle recently unveiled a chopper featuring a huge airplane power with nine cylinders. Called as Red Baron, the bike looks like the Hercules of all moga bikes.

Motorcycle with an Airplane Engine by Frank Ohle

In case you’re curious, Red Baron uses Rotec Radial R3600, capable of squeezing out 150-horspepower at max. It’s the same machined used by many airplanes during World War I but its first debut was with a vintage biplane called Sopwith Camel which made its first flight in 1917. I wonder what Ohle is feeling when he’s place his crotch just a few inches above this monstrosity.

Red Baron motorcycle with airplane engine by Frank Ohle

Although no one has attempted to exactly measure how much decibel of the sound intensity Red Baron makes when on the move, I’m pretty sure it’s enough to make the rider deaf. Seriously, it’s so loud that you will gladly let this bike surpass you on the highway. Check it out on the video below; be sure to turn your speaker at the highest volume!

Ohle’s motive to build this bike is not clear but if you take a peek at his Facebook page, you’ll know that this guy has a deep love toward unusually monstrous motorbikes. Anyway, with such a deafening sound, he might have a few issues with the local regulation to get his bike down the road. So, at best, it might only show up in some gathering events held by German bikers.

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