Honda Fit She’s Officially Announced, Claimed to Be the First Car Exclusively Designed for Women

Friday, November 9th 2012. | Transportation

The gigantic Japan-based automobile manufacturing company, Honda, recently unveiled its brand new Honda Fit She’s. Smothered in feminine pink, Honda stated that it is the first car exclusively built for highly mobile women. There are other two color variants actually which are white and brown but to get its message conveyed clearly, Honda chose the pink one for the announcement.

Honda Fit She's

Featuring a new type of windshield capable of filtering up to 99% of the UV rays, Honda expect that it would interest lots of women out there. Just so you know, UV lights are primary cause to wrinkles and women hate them as much as they hate fat. Another feature that might be appealing for on-the-go ladies is the Plasmacluster AC system. According to Honda spokesperson, it’s capable of improving the air quality inside the car which can lead to healthier and better moisturized skin.

Honda Fit She's Interior

Currently, Honda Fit She’s is exclusively available in Japanese market with no telling if the manufacturer has any plan to make it global. Price starts at about $17,500. Probably, Honda realizes that it needs more than just UV-blocking windshield wrapped in compact pinkish body to attract mobile ladies who live in the western hemisphere.

Aside from the feminine appearance and a couple of aforementioned features, the car looks pretty much standard. Given that it is marketed for women, it’d be nice to see an emergency trunk in the dashboard which could be handy for storing some tiny accessories or typical stuff. Moreover, since women are worse driver compared to men, no offense there, we really think Honda should install a fully working GPS to aid lady driver find the right way.

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