Hoocap Combines Lens Cap and Lens Hood in One Sleek Piece

Tuesday, November 6th 2012. | Camera & Accessories

If you have been long enough into photography, then you must understand how difficult it is to wear a cap on your lens while it is hooded as well. Looking to solve such a problem, a third party company based on Taiwan introduces Hoocap. Long story short, it is the right accessory for you if you’re looking for a way to easily cap your lens without removing the hood.


Overall, there is nothing very impressive from its design. The company seems to care only on its functions as lens hood and lens cap. It’s got two doors that will flip down and close when it is used as cap, protecting your lens from any external baddies which are capable of damaging it. These doors will draw back and unveil the lens while keeping it clear from disturbing stray of light.

Indeed, it is quite helpful but when you look at the promotional pictures, it does make the camera look considerably bulkier than it should. Probably, it would be better if the company just designs a lens cap that is compatible with the original hood of the camera, instead of making new hood. But then, they wouldn’t have great marketing pitch like they do now. What kind of shutterbugs who are not interested when they hear about an accessory that combines lens cap and hood?

Currently, Hoocap is only offered on eBay for $49 and it is only compatible with Canon DSLR. Nevertheless, it’s just about time before the company manufactures other models that can be attached to Nikon, Sony and Leica cameras. Watch the video below to know how the accessory works and tell us what you think about this Hoocap stuff?

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