Hop Suitcase Leaves You with Hands-Free Travel

Wednesday, October 17th 2012. | Fashion & Styles, Robot

Initiated by a brilliant Spanish inventor, Hop, the robotic suitcase finally made its way for an official appearance. If you haven’t known about it, basically it’s a suitcase that is designed to follow its users everywhere like a puppy that follows its master. Using three receivers on the body, Hop continuously receives a command signal from the user’s smartphone, enabling it to move in the same way the user does. Suppose the signal suddenly drops on the way, the smartphone will vibrate to alarm the user while Hop will stay still on its place.

Hop Suitcase

The idea is indeed very cool but there is more about it that we can be amazed for. Not only can it follow the users but it can also be programmed to conform to airport staff command signal. This way, baggage handling at the airport can be done more effectively. Currently, Hop is not more than a mere prototype. the developer itself hasn’t said anything in regards to when it will enter mass-production stage and how much it’ll charge buyers.

Anyway, you probably think that Hop suitcase can’t be more terrific but when you think about it more clearly, you may find some spots where the stuff seems quite lackluster. One of these spots could be the fact that it’s pretty small for a suitcase. This is worsen by another fact that not all the rooms in this small compartment can be used to store your stuff as Hop also houses a few electronic devices, leaving even more cramped space for you. Nevertheless, it’s still very much worth our appreciation.

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