Hotello Is a Handy and Portable Hotel Room

Wednesday, April 3rd 2013. | Design

Despite spaces in big cities like New York getting more and more expensive, we face a phenomenon where government seems to carelessly build a bunch of massive buildings either for economic or military purposes. Most of these buildings are built just to facilitate an attempt toward particular short term goals. Once the goals have been achieved, the buildings are abandoned and we, the citizen, are left with even more cramped spaces.


Some people use such buildings as temporary shelters should their dwelling is damaged by a disaster. Of course, they won’t find any comfort there, unless they’ve got this Hotello at their disposal. If LoungePac and GrubHub are “packaged” kitchen, this one is a bagged hotel room. You probably think it’s a joke but seriously, this thing does exist and is about to be exhibited during Milan Design Week taking place from April 9th-14th.

Hotello Portable Hotel Room

Antonio Scarponi, the designer, is fascinated on how many empty buildings left unused in his neighborhood. So, with the help of Roberto Deluca, a visual artist from Daskonzept, he creates this intriguing concept of portable hotel room. When unassembled, Hotello looks just like an ordinary trunk. It’s got some wheels to make it easier for owners to carry it around.

When taken inside-out, however, Hotello quickly converts into a one-man room complete with a one-man bed and also a work desk. As for privacy, owners are given thick curtains to cover the enclosure. It’s not really reasonable but much better than you laying out a mattress with nothing signifying your private space. If you happen to be in Milan, you can have a closer look at this portable hotel room.

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