Hovertrax : Personal Electric Vehicle without Handle, Seat, and All

Tuesday, May 21st 2013. | Transportation

The main reason people invent personal electric vehicles is because they want to provide community members with a simple and easy solution to get around the town with no fuss. While, overall, the goal seems to be well accomplished, it doesn’t change the fact that most personal EVs today are quite bulky. A design firm called Inventist recently came up to offer what might be the smallest and most portable EV dubbed as Hovertrax.

Hovertrax by Inventist

On a glance, Hovertrax looks like a simple board equipped with a tiny wheel on each end. It has no handle, seat, or even chassis; thus, users can easily snuggle it into their backpack. At 9-pound, they’ll hardly feel a noticeable burden on their back.

Hovertrax Vehicle

Although its outer design may look simple, Hovertrax is loaded with tons of fancy features. Along the mini electric motor, it has a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer both of which are responsible for self-balancing the vehicle. Controls are pretty much similar to EcoBoomer iGo. You shift your weight gently forward and backward to move it while turning can be done by channel your weight ratio on one foot. Below is its Kickstarter pitch video!

The rechargeable li-ion battery is claimed to be enough for covering a maximum distance of five miles with highest speed being 5mph. To fully recharge Hovertrax, you’ll need to spend about an hour. While it looks like fun, you may have to endure yourself through a certain learning curve. It’s true that it has self-balancing capability but with no handle, your first ride will very likely be quite challenging. A pledge of $695 will grant you an ownership of this EV.

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