Hue Smarter Toaster Has Advanced Color Sensors to Ensure Perfectly Browned Bread for You

Friday, December 14th 2012. | Food & Beverage

You may not realize this but all toasters are different in terms of the heat they impose to anything you insert to the slot. If you have ever switched from an old toaster to a new one, you’ll understand what we mean about it.

Hue Toaster

In your old machine, your bread gets perfect gold brown color after three minutes toasting at level 4. In your new toaster, however, you may end up having terribly burned bread that looks more like a charcoal, even when you do the same thing. The bottom line is that all toasters are unpredictable and all the dials on their exteriors are simply blink stuff.

Hue Toaster Concept

Basheer Tome is smart enough to figure this out and instead of accepting it the way it is, he decided to invent the Hue Smarter Toaster. Unlike most toasters, its toasting setting does not comprise of some heat levels or preset toasting modes. Instead, you pick the right setting by telling the machine how brown you want your bread to be. Check out the introductory video by Tome below!

Indeed, Hue Smarter Toaster sports an advanced color sensor that will keep monitoring your bread. It’ll automatically adjust the heat and time so that you can constantly get that perfectly browned bread to accompany your morning coffee. So, be it frozen bread, thicker bread, bagels, or anything, you can always get what you want hat the end of the toasting.

Hue Smart Toaster

By the way, even though Hue Smarter Toaster sounds great, it will likely take a while before it’s up for sale. Tome will have to ensure some big name manufacturer that his invention is the real deal and it’s worth mass production. Now if you don’t want to wait, you may want to check out Spoutnik Microwave that resembles a design of an alien spaceship.

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