Hydra Is the Most Compact Power Supply with Three Outputs

Tuesday, February 26th 2013. | Miscellaneous

Not all electronic devices are made to be compatible with the voltage output of typical wall sockets. That’s why there is always a warning on the products package. If the voltage is too low, your device won’t run; if it’s too big, it’s going to screw it up. That’s why you need a power supply to control the voltage output. Currently, the colossal bench-top power supply is the only solution in the market that has three configurable voltage outputs. But if Hydra manages to raise the expected fund at Kickstarter, the said tool will soon be left to oblivion.

Hydra Configurable power supply for electronics projects

The Hydra Compared to a Bench Top Power Supply

Similar to a bench-top power supply, Hydra’s main functionality is to convert the incoming electric current to a state which is compatible with your devices. It does, however, differ in a way that it’s much smaller than a bench-top power supply and doesn’t have to be plugged into a wall socket. This handy tool is made to be able to take in any kinds of electrical power. Check out the video below.

Specifically, the voltage input supported by Hydra ranges between 5V and 14V. Meanwhile, the voltage output can be configured to gush out at 3V up to 12V. Adjustment can be done via the provided USB port. If you opt for the Bluetooth-enabled model, however, you can do it much more conveniently via the accompanying smartphone app. For the basic model, CH Robotics asks a pledge of $160 and you need to dish out an extra of $52 to get the Bluetooth version. Shipment is scheduled to run in April.

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