Hyperflesh Baby Mask Won’t Make You a Cute Baby

Tuesday, April 16th 2013. | Miscellaneous

Babies are all cute and adorable but the story is a little different when it comes to Baby Mask. Instead of making you look like an innocent and lovely babies, it will turn you into the creepiest walking nightmare. If there was a person who would think you’re endearing with this mask on, it would probably be the cold blooded Jason Voorhees.

Hyperflesh Baby Mask

Made by Hyperflesh, this Baby Mask shows off three common expressions made by babies: crying, disgusted, and smiling. What makes it creepy and extremely disturbing is not blood, some nasty wound, or usual dark and mysterious atmosphere found on those clown masks. Instead, it’s because of its oversized form factor which is designed to match adults head. Imagine there is a baby weighing in at 190 pounds crying to you asking you to give back his toy; what could be worse than that?

Baby Mask by Hyperflesh

The recorded footage below showcases a family – a dad, a mom, and a kid – walk around the 16th street, Denver with this mask on. Even on a bright daylight, these people still look disturbingly creepy!

Halloween is still six months away but if you aim to pair this Baby Mask with your weird baby outfit on the upcoming party, it’s a good idea to start saving now. Each of this thing cost a handsome price of $350. It can be bought at Hyperflesh respective website.

It somehow reminds me to Real-f 3D Mask developed at Japan.While the underlying technology is pretty slick, the fact that it is used to 3D print the loved one face who has been buried six feet under always gets me a goosebumps

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