HyTAQ Robot Has a Sphere to Roll and Propeller to Fly

Friday, November 30th 2012. | Robot

We received lots of news feed dealing with robots recently. A while ago, we’ve got the MechBass by McVay that can mimic the ability of an advanced bassist and Transforming Robot Car that grants the dream of every geek for having a toy Optimus Prime. Today, we are about to feature the HyTAQ, a latest invention of Robotics Lab team from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

HyTAQ Robot

It primarily consists of four main parts: the cylindrical cage, the quadrotor, the connecting shaft, and rotating joints. Its cylindrical cage somehow reminds us to the Kyosho Space Ball and the Puzzlebox Orbit, though the last two devices feature a protective cage which is rather spherical. Another difference is that while the sphere found in both Kyosho Space Ball and Puzzlebox Orbit only serves protective purpose, the one that comes with HyTAQ robot also act as a rotating wheel, which enables it to roll over the ground. Check it out in action on the video below!

Now when it runs across an obstacle which is impossible to pass through from the ground, the sensor will tell the quadrotor to start turning on the propeller. It will fly over that obstacle, making it as meaningless as a dummy. Compared to typical aerial robot, HyTAQ robot is claimed to preserve much more energy, thanks to the hybrid system. The built-in battery is discovered to last up to 27 minutes for earthy travel only and 5 minutes for an impressive flight.

Up to now, it’s still a prototype. But the team expects there will be some party that likes to fund its development for such robot has great potential for search and rescue mission. So, tell your wealthy uncle because this thing is meaningless without supportive fund!

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