Hyundai E4U Lets You Roll on the Road like an Egg

Saturday, April 6th 2013. | Transportation

As people are more aware about the environmental effect of overusing fossil fuel, Segways along with e-cars are on the uptrend. Speaking of, Hyundai recently unveiled its brand new concept of one-person commuting vehicle. Called as E4U, this Segway looks like a gigantic egg with no wheels. The moving parts consist of a rotating sphere at the front and a couple of bearing balls mounted at the back support.

Hyundai e4u

Hyundai E4U made its first official appearance at Seoul Motor Show 2013 which is still happening at the moment. On the demo, this “egg-hilarating” vehicle didn’t seem to have much trouble moving in any direction. A set of food pedals are equipped to its cramped space to control its move. It’s got a seat as well but I don’t think it’ll be very comfortable to place your bum in there, especially if you’re a big guy. Check it out in action on the video below!

Safety feature includes a helmet which turned out to be an integrated part of the E4U. When not worn, it acts as the “egg roof”. When worn, it acts as both windshield and head gear but that’s of course if you don’t mind people looking at you as if they looked like a clown. In case you’re curious what the “E” stands for, guy at Tech-On says it could represent egg, evolution, or ecology.

Hyundai e4u Concept

Further details regarding the specs are still missing which may hint for later mass production. In anyway, I guess it’s only helpful for disabled people because as you can see in the demo, this thing isn’t even faster than a walking woman.

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