HzO Nanotechnology : Make Your Smartphone Safe Even Submerged in Water

Sunday, November 20th 2011. | Miscellaneous

From long ago, water and electronic devices has never been friendly, then what will you do to protect electronic devices such as smartphones and mp3 players from water while you relax in the pool? is wrapped with a plastic bag? yes, you are correct. that is mostly done by everyone. But it certainly does not look cool if you do it. For that reason a company called HZO has develop the technology that can make an electronic device or anything else to be water resistant, because they want you look cool like the girl in the photo below.

HZO Nanotechnology : Make your smartphone water resistant

HZO Waterproof Gadgets

HzO use a unique coating process to protect almost everything from water and corrosion damage. One of the initial market for this technology is a coating of consumer electronics, although the potential for other applications is very vast, such as textiles, and automotive. Check video below :

You still remember Neverwet which I’ve discussed before isn’t it? Well, the function of this HZO technology is very similar to Neverwet or if I may say is same (CMIIW). But if seen in terms of delivery of information through video that contained of each product, there is advantages and  disadvantages, both of HZO and Neverwet. The advantages of HZO is that they make a good video when compared with Neverwet, plus there is a cute girl as their model, ;) .

While the advantages of Neverwet, they show how to use their products, by spraying it, and I do not see it in videos made by HZO, so actually I am also confused, how to use this HZO? whether HZO directly selling products like iPhone that has been coated by what they call “nano-scale barrier film”? But despite it all, we need to thank both of them, because they have offered a new way for us to protect electronic devices from its main enemy, water.

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