iBackpack Pairs iPad and iPhone, Helping Cyclists Communicate with Motorists at the Back

Wednesday, June 26th 2013. | Transportation

It is an irony that the “greenest” road users are the weakest ones. Yes, that’s right; I’m talking about cyclists. They never participate with other motorists in polluting the air yet they are also never protected from any potential danger that might befall them and cause a severe physical damage.

iBackpack by Soohun Jung

A good number of accidents involving a cyclist are caused by miscommunication between the cyclist and the motorist. In regards to that, some designers believe that a comprehensive communication tool that can convey the cyclist’s message to drivers might help reducing the number.

Soohun Jung is one of such designers and he recently publicized a new concept of cyclist’s backpack called iBackpack. Sporting a transparent iPad container, the bag is claimed to offer the best communication method possible for cyclists so that they can relay information to the drivers behind them regarding what they will do next. More than that, the bag is also designed to help cyclists get a clear view of the situation on his back.

iBackpack Concepts by Soohun Jung

To function properly, iBackpack needs a smartphone and a tablet. The images you see do showcase iPad and iPhone but it generally can be used with all similar devices, so long they are Bluetooth-enabled. Using a special app, the iPad is linked to the iPhone which is mounted on the handlebar, transforming the handset into a rearview mirror, thanks to the iPad’s front-facing camera.

Turn signals can be made by simply making a swipe gesture on the smartphone. Should the cyclists have to brake in all of a sudden, the app will take the advantage of the built-in sensors of the iPhone to detect a sudden speed decrease and display the right message on the iPad. There is no telling when it’ll be manufactured and who to handle the manufacturing.

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