Ibasei Cappa Compact Hydropower Generator Works like a Gigantic Dam Turbine

Saturday, December 15th 2012. | Miscellaneous

If you live around a river which has quite strong stream, you may want to take a look at Ibasei Cappa hydropower generator. This compact turbine is designed with special casing that enables it to extract energy from the water flow, regardless its size. Think about having your own independent electricity generator which performs the same as well as gigantic dam turbine.

Ibasei Cappa hydropower generator

Overall, there is nothing very innovative in the development of Ibasei Cappa hydropower generator. The only thing the team does is wittingly tweaking the housing for the fans so it can increase the speed of the water current. In brief, faster stream will make the fans turns faster which will lead to greater amount of electricity. Check out the report video by DigInfo below!

With a small river whose water runs at 2m/s, Ibasei Cappa hydropower generator is claimed to be capable of generating 250W of electricity. Due to control losses, five units of Cappa can only extract 1000W of electricity. Provided that the electricity is produced at 50-60Hz and the voltage measures 100V AC, it should be enough to keep all basic appliances in a household functional.

It sounds quite nice up to this point but  Ibasei Cappa hydropower generator is literally rendered useless if you live in a neighborhood in which even the ditch doesn’t seem to flow. Nevertheless, the company is optimistic that their compact generator will be profoundly welcome by those living in remote areas with river, of course. At last, Ibasei didn’t disclose details about the pricing. All they said is that it’ll be as inexpensive as a compact car and it should be up for mass consumption in 2013.

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