iBattz Power-Cases Stops Your Suffering for Power Shortage for Good

Friday, November 23rd 2012. | Mobile Phones

Just a week ago, iBattz finally revealed their Mojo line power-cases for iPhone. While we have seen tons of typical accessories in the market, it interested us to find that the battery that comes with the case is interchangeable. So, if the built-in battery gets completely depleted, you can swap with another one whose juice is still full. Now this is cool, unlike the Survival Senbei.

iBattz Power Cases Mojo Classic Model

Available in three variants, you can choose the model that suits your taste and, of course, your budget. The Classic is the most basic one. It comes with a built-in 1500mAh battery and regular protective feature from mild drops and vibrations. The battery can be swapped but you needto buy it on your own as it’s not included in the box. You can get it for $49.99.

iBattz Power Cases Mojo Vogue Model

Next, there is the Vogue model. It offers all of the stuff coming with the Classic model plus some welcome additions. These are like battery charge indicator and up to 12 color combinations. Yeah, unlike the previous model, the protective frame and the back plates can be changed per your liking. The built-in battery has the capacity of 1700mAh and the secondary battery is included. You have to pay $89.90 to get it.

iBattz Power Cases Mojo Armor Model

On the last of the list is the armor model. By far, it’s the sturdiest one as it offers protection against violent drop, nasty dust and splashes. No wonder why it packs some considerable weight. Should you want it, you need to cash out $99.90. Now if those are not enough, you may want to check out Eton boost line coming with crank for emergency generator.

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