Ice Cube Fish Tank Can’t be More Pleasantly Delicate

Tuesday, April 16th 2013. | Design

There are tons of methods to make your interior look more charming and, at the same time, relaxing as well. One of them is by placing a fish tank and filling it with a number of sea fish of various colors and sizes. Speaking of aquarium, nothing is more intriguing than the Ice Cube Fish Tank designed by Arthur Xin. As its name implies, the main design feature centers around its look which resemble an oversized ice cube, tricking unaware onlookers into thinking that the fish really swim inside the frozen enclosure.

Ice Fishing

Aside from its minimalist beauty, there might be some issues that prevent this Ice Cube Fish Tank from being marketed in several countries such as UK where public’s concern toward living creatures is very high. Due to its small size, it is impossible to put in some decorative accessories for the fish to pay with. Furthermore, some common utile tools such as filtering systems will have to be stripped out as well, leaving the fish tank with unfiltered impurities that can put their life to an end.

Ice Cube Fish Tank by Arthur Xin

The only way for Arthur’s Ice Cube Fish Tank to get around such regulation is by promoting it as an aquarium for unreal fish like the Robofish by Takara Tomy. Other than that, it will only be deemed as a cruelty against living fish. I guess it’s homework for Arthur to hone his interesting concept before it comes to fruition. I do hope he’ll make it, though, because it must be fun to find my guests gasping in surprise for watching my fish swimming inside an ice cube.

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