IdeaPaint Converts any Smooth Surface into Whiteboard

Friday, March 29th 2013. | Around The Home

Do you remember back then when you were in high school and your teacher asked you to come forward to complete certain tasks on the whiteboard along with other students? Sometimes, the board is just not enough to contain all the ideas of the students that it forces the others to wait in turn. Once you’re done, the others are asked to erase your work so that they can write theirs. It’s just not nice and IdeaPaint aims to put this to an end.

IdeaPaint : Turns Walls into Dry Erase Boards

IdeaPaint in the kitchen

More than just paint for your wall, IdeaPaint can convert any surface into whiteboard on which you can express your ideas with dry erase markers. For that, you will want to avoid using it on textured plaster and other rough surfaces. Fortunately, its usage is not limited to walls only. The company says that it can be applied to any surface as long as it’s smooth. That would spell your fridge door, your counter top, and anything you can think of. Similar to whiteboard, cleaning can be quickly done using a soft cloth.  Figure out why you’re going to love it through the video below!

This somehow contradicts the motion made by some big companies like LG that aims to end the era of whiteboard. These companies build a humongous LCD Interactive Whiteboard to replace its conventional counterpart. But anyway, if you still think it’s worth some space under your roof, the pricing starts at $199.50. For the better version, you need to add it a little to $225. You should be able to cover a space of 50 square feet with that.

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