iDigitip : Helps You to Press a Key on Small Keypads With More Precisely

Thursday, November 17th 2011. | Mobile Phones

For some people who have large hands or long nails, devices that have a small size such as smartphones actually becomes a problem. because the smaller the device, the smaller size of the keypads as well, and eventually they will find it hard to push the button on the keypads, either virtual or physical. Well, that’s why iDigitip comes, to handle typing and texting frustrations with touch screen and small digital devices that have small buttons or keys or keypads or flat keys on small keyboards.

iDigitip : Helps You to Press a Key on Small Keypads With More Precisely

Ok, what you describe above is a function of The iDigitip. the question is, what exactly The iDigitip is ?! calm down my friend, you can check the quotes below to learn more about what is The iDigitip.

It is an electronic pen-like device, fitting onto any digit of the hand, which acts like an extension of the digit with simultaneous movement.

The iDigiTip is a flat, coiling ring that fits around the section of finger nearest the fingertip. It has a bump on the end of it that fits on the curved fingertip opposite side of the nail, while the coiled ring wraps like arms around the finger. It is a comfortable and has a snug fit.

It is one size; however, the size fits an average women’s finger and then it expands to fit most men’s fingers and thumbs.

The iDigiTip is a stylus that is worn on the finger or thumbis more clear right? iDigtip actually designed not only to help people who have large hands and long nails, but also can help people who are in certain industries, such as :

  • Senior Citizens/Disability Population
    If you have limited dexterity, decreased mobility or health conditions that make it difficult to swipe, slide or press on your electronic devices, iDigiTip will give you more accurate operation.
  • TSA/ Security
    Perfect for airport screeners and TSA staff, the iDigiTip provides a convenient way to swipe, slide or press on electronics and touch screen devices while wearing latex gloves.
  • Food Service/Retail Industry
    iDigiTip caters to the food service and retail industries. With iDigiTip, retailers and food service industry personnel can enter orders and monetary transactions on touch screen devices in a cleaner and more efficient way.
  • Medical Use
    The iDigiTip is the ideal accessory for medical professionals who wear latex gloves. The iDigiTip, which can be sterilized using microbial soap, provides a simple solution for doctors and nurses as touch screens are a primary source of patient record-keeping.

With iDigitip, Now you can operate any electronic device without all the added frustrations.  A person can target keys or buttons on any electronic device more precisely, while eliminating mistyping or clumsiness. You can purchased a pack of two iDigitip for $19.95 via their website and congratulations, now you can enjoy the latest technology in your big fingers.

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