iExpander is an All in One iPhone Case

Tuesday, November 6th 2012. | Mobile Phones

While the developer of Sensus iPhone case claims that it’s the truly smart case for iPhone, iExpander may be worth the title of all in one iPhone case. It gives users with double battery, more slots for microSD card, more LED to illuminate dark environment, as well as more connectivity in the worm of 30-pin connector. It does miss the durability of super sturdy case like Lunatik Taktik but as far as the features are concerned, iExpander is perhaps the most extensive case for a smartphone.

IExpander iphone case

Currently, the iExpander is featured on Kickstarter and if you wish to own this thing, you must agree to shell out $75. In terms of thickness, it’s not as thick as typically durable case but the 6.3mm of chunk can be a bother for certain people.

The microSD card slot allows you to insert up to 64GB of additional memory to the handset. It comes with an app that helps you move your files from the inserted card easily. On the other hand, suppose you are one of those people who enjoy spending hours for playing games on your iPhone, you will very likely appreciate the external battery that is built in to the case.

By the way, when we said something about more LED to help you capture better images in low light setting, it is actually more power to get the existing LED lit up brighter. The case features an ultrathin CAP-XX supercapacitor that flows in more power to your iPhone’s LED, making it flash much better. Any takers?

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