iFlex flexPhone Is Truly Bendable

Wednesday, January 30th 2013. | Mobile Phones

We will never be sure why some people are so enthusiastic to a flexible smartphone because for us, the way smartphone stands right now is good enough. It’s maybe for fun only, intriguing onlookers with a smartphone that doesn’t crush when flexed. But whatever the reason is, the economy law still rules; where there is a demand, there is a supply.

iFlex flexPhone by de Poorter Design

Seeing a growing interest for a flexible handset, big manufacturers have started researching the development of such device. LG and Samsung have gone through the OLED display route while others choose their own method. In line with this, a design firm named de Poorter Design has a nice concept which they refer to as iFlex flexPhone.

The entire concept basically revolves around the use of a flexible display aided by a bendable mechanism which has its key on the central silicone part. This silicone part is inlayed with deformable material and is squeezed right in the middle of two rugged aluminum cases, enwrapping the whole device. With such design, it is expected that users will be able to bend the handset and use it in various angle they see fit.

The flexible display, on the other side, is framed by nylon so it will not obstruct the bendable design. At both ends of the handset is installed a magnetic closure. Users can fold it and secure it in place before they tuck it in to the pocket. That way, the display will be safe from any surface that can leave nasty scratches on it. While iFlex flexPhone sounds awesome, it will remain a concept unless the team can ensure big players in the industry to adopt its design on their future handsets and that won’t be an easy task.

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